What exactly do you define your “it” as?

February 16, 2011 inspirationallysupportive

It is most often that we walk around with the troubles of the world on our shoulders. We are so consumed with what’s going on that we are unable to see who has the complete control over our life. This day to day experience that we have has been planned long before we took our first breathe. So what exactly is your “it”? What do you contribute the most headache and heartache to? What is the one thing that can change your mood or even the feel of your day? This then is your “it”!

                “Whatever your “it” is today, know that it is NOT bigger than your God! It has come either to distract you or push you closer to Gd. It will neither make you nor break you. You were not made to break. Tell your “it” to kick rocks! The best part of today will come when make up your mind to refuse to be dethroned (QUEEN). Don’t focus on your “it” but focus on the ONE who can handle it. Let God be God in your life today. Spouses, children, finances, jobs, health, etc.,  NONE are bigger than the God you serve. Make your “it” small so your day can be great!”

                                                                                                                                -Deronda Corbin


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