Who Showed up to your Dress Rehearsal?

March 7, 2011 inspirationallysupportive

As you consider the individuals that are a part of your life, have you ever considered just where exactly they stand? It may seem that they are of some level of importance, but the reality lies in the fact that you are always the one that gives and you are never in the position of receiving. It seems that you must always celebrate with them, but when is it ever your time to shine? You give and give and give, but you never take thinking that you should always be concerned about helping others. It’s perfectly fine to switch roles and get help from others. If you are always the motivator and source of inspiration, what happens when you need to receive all the uplifting that you give? This then takes you to your dress rehearsal, there you evaluate the scene to determine what works, and what parts can be done away with. In certain portions of what’s in your views, there are some things that don’t flow and it is then that those particular things be flattened out. Once all the necessary changes have been made, you will finally be able to see who truly cares about the success of your show, or life as you call it. Those individuals will assume their rightful position on the front row. There are some that may assume that position and not deserve that great of a view, in that case the balcony is the best choice for them.  Make sure that you placed individuals in their appropriate seat.


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